A framework supporting, educating and reducing the risk
of people with cognitive impairment going missing.


Delivered by Land Search and Rescue New Zealand and developed in conjunction with the New Zealand Search and Rescue (NZSAR) Council and key stakeholders the Framework has been formed over the past decade in response to people with cognitive impairments who go missing while out walking with potentially very poor outcomes. Land Search and Rescue New Zealand liaises with and supports Land Search and Rescue groups and other stakeholders with the implementation of the Framework.

An important component of the Framework is a reduction of going missing incidents. The Safer Walking website identifies a wide range of preventative and supporting strategies for people at risk of going missing, and makes suggestions for social settings and home environments that can be useful.

The website also has ideas on technologies that can be used to support a person with a risk of going missing. One of the technologies that fit into the Framework is known as WanderSearch. WanderSearch should only be considered for people at risk where other technologies are not suitable.


The Safer Walking Profile is a downloadable form that all at risk people should complete. The form contains vital information about the person at risk which can be given to the police should the person ever go missing.