See below on how to check your device.

WanderSearch devices come in three models: pendant, wrist and key-rings. The pendants have an external aerial that forms the core of one side of the cord, while the other two models have smaller internal aerials. The external aerial gives a better, longer range signal so these are preferred by many groups. None of the devices have moving parts, or any lights to indicate they are on or off. This means they are very robust and can withstand treatment that other electric devices will not. However, on rare occasions devices can fail (for a number of reasons, including a broken aerial at the base), therefore we suggest that people using the devices, or their family/carers check that the devices are operating normally by using a CC308+ meter once a week. Most groups will provide these meters with new WanderSearch devices.

Watch the video of using the CC308+ meter to check a WanderSearch device