When is WanderSearch Useful

When would a person benefit from being part of the WanderSearch Programme

In New Zealand:

There are about 70,000 people with dementia, of which Alzheimer’s is the largest cause. https://www.alzheimers.org.nz/

Autism affects approximately 80,000 people https://www.autismnz.org.nz/

Every day, 90 New Zealanders sustain a brain injury https://www.brain-injury.nz/

Between 50 and 80 babies with Down Syndrome are born each year (1 per 1000 babies worldwide). http://www.nzdsa.org.nz/index.htm

Some people with cognitive impairments as a result of the above, will be at risk of going missing. Cognitive impairment is when a person has trouble remembering, learning new things, concentrating, or making decisions that affect their everyday life ( https://www.cdc.gov/aging/pdf/cognitive_impairment/cogimp_poilicy_final.pdf ). For many people the risk of going missing can be managed by social, environmental and technological solutions.

However, for people who are at a high risk or proven risk of going missing, and the other options are not working then a WanderSearch device may be worth considering. People may not always have the same level of risk and may only find having a WanderSearch device useful for a certain part of their lives. An example of when it is useful is reported in The Star, where twin boys with autism have WanderSearch devices.

Dunedin twin 4-year old boys who are autistic wearing their Wander Search pendant devices (aid to location if they go missing). The boys are sitting on their mum, who is more confident that if her lads do go missing, they have the devices on them making a search to locate them much faster. Photo credit The Sun, Dunedin
Twins with Autism who like to run have their WanderSearch pendants on. Photo Credit, The Star, Dunedin

People can seek advice from health providers and support agencies or contact their local Wander Search group to discuss if a WanderSearch device would be a option for them.

WanderSearch devices can only assist in locating a missing person if the person has it with them at the time. It is recommended that the person wears it all the time or it is attached to something that the person will never leave home without.

WanderSearch is a very useful system used to locate people when they are reported missing to the police, however like all electronic equipment in rare cases they can be damaged or fail.