Groups delivering the WanderSearch System

Groups delivering the WanderSearch programme

Each area in New Zealand has a Group that delivers the WanderSearch system to their community. There are three different types of groups, most are part of the local Land Search and Rescue organisation, others are either WanderSearch Trusts or part of the local Alzheimers Society.

The first Group to form a WanderSearch Trust was in Wellington in July 2012, they quickly realised the benefit of the WanderSearch programme for people that are at risk of going missing. See the WanderSearch page on the Wellington LandSAR website for more information

The largest and one of the early adapters of the WanderSearch system is the WanderSearch Auckland Charitable Trust, they have been a source of support and resources to other groups throughout New Zealand. The Auckland Trust has also been involved in the development and advances of the system. See the Auckland website for more information.

Canterbury also has a trust – WanderSearch Canterbury Charitable Trust this group provides the WanderSearch RF devices and also a GPS based device. The Canterbury Trust has also been a source of support and training to the sector. See the Canterbury website for more information:

There are six areas where the local Alzheimers Society manage the WanderSearch programme, these are in Taupo, Taranaki, Whakatane, Whanganui, Manawatu, and Central Otago. Generally there is a close connection between the Alzheimers staff/volunteers and the local Police and Land Search and Rescue groups.

The other Groups are made up of volunteers from the local Land Search and Rescue organisation. Typically there are two or three people that have an interest in WanderSearch and give freely of their time to manage the programme in their areas.